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SSJID now has the ability for customers to view water usage and pay utility bills online.

Irrigation Service Abandonment Form

This packet is used to SIGN OFF from SSJID irrigation water service. Our Customer Service Representative, (209) 249-4608, can assist you with completing and submitting this form.

Irrigation Water Charges for 2021

Land owners are invoiced annually in November for agricultural water usage. The current rate is $24 per acre with a minimum fee of $50.00. Senate Bill X7-7 (SBX7-7) was adopted in 2009 containing provisions requiring that all California irrigation districts, including SSJID, take actions to measure, report and bill their customers for the delivery of actual volumes of water. The District has to measure the volume of water delivered to its customers and adopt a pricing structure based at least in part on the quantity of water delivered. SSJID’S first tier volumetric charge is $3 per acre-foot of water for the first 48″ and $10 per acre-foot for water used in excess of 48″. Customers will receive monthly bills for the volumetric portion of their water charges.

Beginning in 2017, the District now contracts with the County of San Joaquin to collect the District’s Flat Rate Charge and Ground Water Recharge Charge. Collection of such charges, including past-due charges from previous years, shall be the responsibility of San Joaquin County and the first installment of such charges will be delinquent if not paid by the customer to the County by December 10. The second installment of such charges will be delinquent if not paid by the customer to the County by April 10. The District will deny water service to any land having outstanding base charges in excess of 10 working days or having outstanding volumetric charges in excess of at least $9 for 90 days.

If you receive a bill for water usage from the District and do not utilize irrigation water, please contact the District and apply for an Irrigation Service Abandonment Agreement. This document requires notarized signatures from all individuals holding title to the property along with an accurate copy of the legal description of the property. Agricultural parcels over 10 acres may apply for this agreement but will be subject to a recharge fee, which is currently $12 per acre and subject to the same collection process described above. The agreement requires approval of the District’s Board of Directors. You will be charged a $100 processing fee and you will be required to pay the County of San Joaquin’s charges to record the document. You will also be required to remove all facilities used to serve the Subject Property.

Rates for those parcels taking water from the District’s Division 9 Irrigation Enhancement Project are detailed under the section below, “Charges for Division 9 Irrigation Enhancement Project”

Important Changes to How SSJID Charges for Irrigation Water

The volumetric charge is necessary for the following reasons:

  • Additional revenue from the volumetric charge will also provide funding for the extra capital costs to purchase and install new flow meters necessary to measure and bill customers for the amount of water delivered.
  • Costs to operate and maintain the District’s irrigation system increase each year based on inflation and additional costs will be incurred to operate and maintain the necessary new flow measurement facilities and to bill customers for the amount of water delivered, in order to comply with the new billing requirements.
  • Existing revenue from the flat rate irrigation charges is less than the District’s operating expenses for providing the service and will continue to be less even with increased revenue from the volumetric charge.

SSJID’s Delivery Measurement Approach

SSJID’s volumetric charges are based on acre-feet of water delivered as recorded for each irrigation event by division managers who record quantities of water used by each parcel of land.

Water usage is determined by the flow rate multiplied by the duration of the water run. Flow rate is determined on the basis of the predetermined capacities of gates, laterals, and turnouts throughout the distribution system, together with average head during each irrigation delivery. Electronic flow meters are being installed at strategic locations on the District’s distribution laterals to provide District staff with an additional reference when determining flow rates. Doppler meters will be used to compute flow rates for multiple valve and orifice gate situations. Magnetic meters will be used to measure volumes where pumps are used. Downloads from the electronic meters to the District’s computer system will be used to double check usage recorded by division managers and ditchtenders.

Charges for Division 9 Irrigation Enhancement Project (Pressurized Irrigation Service)

Parcels that receive pressurized water from the District’s Division 9 Irrigation Enhancement Project are subject to a fixed charge of $24 per acre per year, plus the volumetric charge of $3 per acre-foot, or $10 per acre-foot, plus a pressurization service charge of $50 per acre-foot.

These customers will be billed monthly for the pressurization service and must pay the bills within 30 days of the “Bill Date” to continue receiving pressurized water.

The pressurization service charge of $50 per acre-foot, including a schedule for annual adjustments, was approved by the Board of Directors on January 12, 2021 after a public hearing held pursuant to the Proposition 218 proceeding the District began in November 2020.  The pressurization service charge and annual adjustments are as follows:

Division 9 Project Pressurized Water Service Charge. Effective March 1, 2021:

$50 per acre-foot; consisting of $38 per acre-foot Electricity Cost Recapture and a $12 per acre-foot Provision for Capital Assets.

Annual increase, or decrease, for inflation, or deflation. Effective for the years 2022-2025:

Adjust the Electricity Cost Recapture portion of the service charge on an annual basis in January based on actual electricity costs incurred by the Division 9 Project in the previous year.  This is in alignment with the inflationary index that was in place for the years 2017-2020.

Adjust the Provision for Capital Assets ports of the service charge on an annual basis in January according to changes in the California Consumer Price Index.

The basis of the pressurization service charge is to compensate the District for the cost to operate and maintain the Division 9 Project facilities.  Revenues collected from the Provision for Capital Assets are held in the District’s Division 9 Capital Asset Reserve Fund; which is used to assist in funding future improvements or replacements of capital assets in the Division 9 Project.

Additional Billing Rules

  • For those separate parcels which are used to grow commercially grown crops but which (a) choose not to use District water service, and (b) which are the subject of an approved Irrigation Service Abandonment Agreement, there will continue to be an annual ground water recharge charge of $12 per acre for the benefits derived from ground water recharge.
  • The minimum billing charge for ground water recharge will continue to be $25, and is collected for all parcels 10 acres or more.
  • Those parcels that are not used to grow crops or do not utilize SSJID water service may be exempted from the flat rate water charge and ground water recharge charges provided the owners of the parcels enter into an Irrigation Service Abandonment Agreement and that there are no outstanding amounts owed to the District on the land.

Your division manager is your first contact for questions regarding your bills. Our Customer Service Representative is also available to confirm your account status at (209) 249-4608.